ReTest GmbH corporate identity

Communicative guidelines

We want to be perceived as a innovative and dynamic startup but with a professional manner. In communication to customer we want to be authentic and with a cooperative mindset.

Usage of company brands

retest, recheck and all other associated re-.* products, services and brands are to be written in bold and lower case. The legal German entity ReTest GmbH however, has to be written in camel case (upper case R and T).

retest colors

See colors document.

retest logos for screen

The base of all logos is the file wordmark-slogan-screen.svg. The files wordmark-screen.svg and logo-screen.svg are parts of the base files. The script generate from these 3 file a lot of different files and formats in folder gen. The files in gen are for publishing.

See folder with generated logos.

retest logos for print

For printing we have wordmark-slogan-print.svg which is a fork of wordmark-slogan-screen.svg containing the print colors. Because of rendering issues we have a manual created merge of wordmark-slogan-print.svg and gen/retest-wordmark-slogan-screen.svg (contains text as path) in the file wordmark-slogan-print-path.svg. The wordmark-slogan-print-path.sla is a import of the wordmark-slogan-print-path.svg in scribus and has configuration for color management and exports.

From scribus are exported to gen and ready for use are: * retest-wordmark-slogan-print.eps * retest-wordmark-slogan-print.pdf

If you need something else please ask martin . vietz (at)

retest fonts

The retest font is prokyon (in the logo) and open sans in other text.

TODO: do we want to use prokyon also for all headlines?