retest Offers Full Support and Service

Some part of retest is open source, which emphasizes our commitment towards the open source community and the field of software testing in general.

However, buying the commercial product not only enables you to use pro features such as test automation without programming and AI-based monkey testing. It also means to get great support by a dedicated team of experts in case you encounter problems just before your release.

How to introduce test automation How to introduce test automation to your company.

The retest team is a group of professional test and automation specialists. We know how to automate your tests in a reliable and efficient way. And we can support you in all of your endeavors:

  1. from general outline and planning,
  2. setup of a scalable test- and continuous integration/delivery/testing process,
  3. introduction of concepts behind the tools and processes (including training),
  4. selection of low-hanging fruits to quickly reduce the risks of changes,
  5. and rollout including coaching, ownership and maintenance.