retest for Testers

retest is different from all other test automation tools. We built retest specifically with testers in our minds.

You as a tester do not use a testing tool to use the testing tool. You use the tool to get your job done, part of which is automating your test. And the only software that you should need to become an expert in, is the software you test.

retest was built for that. With retest, you just use your software and the recording happens in the background. No need to select the relevant GUI elements that should be checked. No need to select identification criteria for GUI elements. No need to create assertions or validation rules. No need to specify waiting times. No need to create any other test code. And no need to debug all of that.

Because of our unique holistic approach, we capture each and every element of the GUI, with each and every relevant attribute. This makes our tests much more robust than typical "test scripts". It also makes sure you do not miss any change—however small or unrelated.

Seemingly unrelated change—copy button enabled/disabled

With that, retest is also perfect for agile testing.