Test Automation without Programming

With virtually any other tool, you create and maintain a test script, which is essentially an executable program itself. This means that in some form or another, the creator and maintainer of the test script needs some programming skills. Usually the more the better.

This is completely different with retest. retest is the first of its kind of a new generation of automation tools that does not require any programming skills whatsoever. All you need is the domain knowledge, the knowledge how the software that you want to test works, and what qualifies as a bug.

The reason for this is that you do not specify

  • how the component is identified. retest's unique approach to component recognition makes it superfluous to speficy by which attributes components are identified (we just use them all). At the same time, this approach is very robust.
  • what should be checked. Because we think regression testing is really version control, you do not need to specify any checks. We check everything. If attributes or elements are volatile, you can simply mark them as such after the execution of the test.
  • how long to wait. retest has a novel and very robust approach to wait for loading times of the software that is tested. This also greatly reduces the flakiness of the tests.

What this means is essentially that no programming skills are required when creating a test. Just use your software …

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