Testers are Heroes

In reality, testers are heroes! Start being the testing hero of your company.

Have you ever felt undervalued as a tester?

That is because testing—as it currently is done in most companies—consists of many repetitive, boring, low-value tasks (i.e. what others consider to be checking rather than testing) mixed with a few engaging, interesting, high-value tasks.

Many of the low-value tasks stem from regression testing—which is basically manually checking whether the system behavior changed in unintended ways. Or in other words: version control of the system behavior.
retest relieves you from these low-value tasks. You now can quickly automate tests that do the regression testing for you. And you don't even need to program.

Stop being the click machine and focus on what what thrills you and what coincidentally also creates the most value for your company—which is testing in all of its forms. Let retest do the regression testing for you.