retest is taking off ... stay with us!

Since your = registration on retest, you probably haven't heard back from us ... = well, this is about to change.

We are working on = retest version 2.2. We added an API and a Power-User mode, are fixing a = timeout / Windows firewall issue and much more. If you use Java Swing, = it's time to try this out.

Also, we are working = on recheck (retest as API) for Web and Mobile, which will be available = as open source in the coming weeks. = Excited? We are!

A lot is happening and more details are = about to come. So please stay with us just a little longer! 

After confirming the subscription, we'll send you the link to = a video that shows you a glimpse of recheck for web in action.

By the way, we updated our privacy = statements as well = ;-)

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